Course curriculum

    1. Summit Introduction - "The New Quantum Biological Paradigm" with Meredith Kelly Oke

    2. Summit Keynote 1 - "The Body Electric" with Carrie Bennett

    3. Summit Keynote 2 - "The Quantum Immune System" with Dr Catherine Clinton

    4. Summit Keynote 3 - "Why I Took My Medical Practice Quantum" with Dr Candice Knight and Dr Francisco Gutierrez

    5. Summit Day 1 Wrap Up - Reflections with Meredith Kelly Oke

    1. Breakout 1 - "How To Optimize Your Sleep And Change Your Life" with Carrie Bennett and Dr Corey Ghazvini

    2. Breakout 2 - "Where Food Fits Into The Quantum Health Model" with Nathan Walz and Ryan Carter @LiveVitae

    3. Breakout 3 - "Navigating The Health & Wellness Maze: My Personal Journey" with Sarah Kleiner @Carnivore.yogi

    4. Breakout 4 - "How To Safely and Effectively Avoid Toxic Light At Home" with Roudy Nassif @vivarays

    1. Summit Introduction Day 2 - Meredith Kelly Oke

    2. Summit Keynote 4 - "How The Clock in Our Eyes Controls Our Health" with Dr Jay Montgomery

    3. Summit Keynote 5 - "Minerals & EMF: A Quantum Perspective" with Dr Leland Stillman

    4. Summit Keynote 6 - "The New Paradigm of Vascular Health: How Our Hearts Run on Light" with Dr Michael Twyman

    5. Summit Day 2 Wrap Up - Reflections with Meredith Kelly Oke

    1. Breakout 5 - "It's Not Always About Intensity: The Quantum Principles of Strength & Fitness" with Jim Laird and Dr Leland Stillman

    2. Breakout 6 - "Biohacking for Women: Why Quantum Biology is Crucial for Female Bodies" with Heathar Shepard @sunlight_rx

    3. Breakout 7 - "Men's Emotional Health: Quantum Wellness Beyond The Gym" with Matt Mancz @circadian_man

    1. Post Summit Q&A with Carrie Bennett

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